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 The 7 songs  album will be ready for download soon...


  • Soul Survivor : A Healer's Pilgrimage and Homecoming  on AMAZON 

“Soul Survivor” does more than detail the tragic terrorist events in Mumbai, Thanksgiving of 2008; it also documents Devi’s long and grueling road to recovery. In this absorbing memoir, the holistic healer weaves intimate pieces of her own history, both before and after her time in the headlines, throughout the comprehensive retelling of a trip to India that went terribly wrong... see more


  • For the Love of Running : A Marathoner's journey from Victim to Victory on AMAZON 

"For all those that have dared to DREAM!" is the dedication healer and author, Rüdrani Devi offers to the Souls that would know what it means to journey down a road that may never be realized, but try anyway. After the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India nearly took her life, Devi was told she may never walk again, much less return to her beloved passion for running. Raw and painfully intimate at times, Devi reveals her .... see more